Photon Sound Beam Complete Sales

The Photon Sound Beam Complete includes;

    • The Photon Sound Beam Control Unit
    • 2 Plasma Tubes
    • RF Probe

The Operating Guide can be viewed by clicking here.

Additional Options

For those interested, the Sirius Software can be purchased as a separate option by clicking here. As discussed, the Sirius software allows you to use additional frequency sets for treating different conditions via the Aux function, greatly expanding the capabilities of the Photon Sound Beam Complete unit. A 3.5mm stereo cable is required to link your computer to the Aux port on the Photon Sound Beam Complete, which can be purchased from any PC hardware store.

$US2695.00Add to CartNote: Current lead time on these units is 3-4 weeks due to high demand. Each unit is individually hand built, tuned and tested. After adding to cart, the delivery times shown are from the date that the unit has been built and is ready to be dispatched.

Should you wish to purchase plasma tubes or a RF Sound Probe unit
separately, please use the following links;

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