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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is there any training required to use the Photon Sound Beam Complete? Is there a manual or set of DVDs that comes with it?

    It comes with a 45 page instruction booklet which you can download from here, with pictures and clear understanding of how to operate the 4 control knobs (Output Level, Pause, Pulse, Frequency Knobs, from left to right), followed by detailed application protocols, historical uses of frequencies, Vet application, etc. it is very easy to operate. Purchase includes technical support if required. We include a Quick Start Up guide as the 1st two pages to get users started .. and then once it is operating, the rest of the instructions can read. It also includes an Intro and Background of this type of technology.
  2. The glass probes – how delicate are they? If you were to drop them would they break? If so are there replacements.

    Glass applicators are made of Pyrex and we suggest being careful when working above a hard floor. They are not what we would call delicate. We have not broken an electrode in years of use and shipping, but it can happen. Replacement probes are available for $160 plus shipping.
  3. Are we able to buy a travel case for the Photon Sound Beam?

    We do not stock or sell travel cases for the PSB. If you would like a case that is suitable, we recommend that you order Platt Instrument Case #2207 from Sacramento Electronics.
  4. I understand the unit is built in USA. Will it operate in UK where our power supply is different?

    The External Power Transformer that comes with the PSB cleans EMF and converts 220V OR 110V to 12 volts, making it suitable for any country worlwide. All that is required is to use a plug geometry adaptor appropriate to your country. You should be able to easily purchase an electrical plug “travel adaptor” from a hardware store locally in your country.
  5. What is the 3bB bandwidth on these machines?

    The PSB is a lymphatic drainage Rife Frequency instrument – it is not all about frequency and bandwidth refers to the range of frequencies. Rife Frequencies are mostly well above the 600 to 900 hz (mid-audio) range of Universal Rife Frequencies – in the Megahertz range. The dial settings go up to 10,000 hz on the PSB XII. The RF Sound Probe which comes with the PSB and usually used at the same time as the Noble Gas applicators uses Megahertz RF carriers in Phi ratio at 25 and 40 MHz. The ionization colors of course go in the Gigahertz range. So the answer is from 1 Hz to several Billion Hz not to mention the Scalar output in the subtle energy range by using a vacuum, electricity and Noble Gases with the broadcast environment of the glass Plasma Tubes used the the Photon Sound Beam. In addition it is the harmonic content of any frequency which makes it efficacious as Georges Lakhovsky proved the 1920’s in treating Cancer. In addition to the frequency harmonics from the Noble Gas applicators, the PSB’s RF Sound Probe is has the most harmonically-rich broadcast of any instrument available today.
  6. I am interested in knowing if there is a difference in outcomes of the hand held probes and foot plates versus the other option of application through the glass device?

    Instruments which use metal rod/plates must use a 5-600 milliwatt current rather the the approx. 20 watts with PlasmaTube electrical ouput. As Ed Skilling (creator of these metal rod units) said in the late 1980’s: there is an impedance problem with metal-to-skin contact which distorts the frequencies and their harmonics. Also, there is very little action on the lymphatic system with metal rod/plate instruments; it takes a low biological levels of microcurrent ot electrically dis-associate toxins and bound cells which have lost their normal electrical polarity from acid conditions in the body. Removing all the blockage and barrier issues — and providing a quantum level of tissue/fluid cleansing — is fundamental the the Electric Plasma Tubes in all Photon Sound Beam models. The PSB Infinity RF has an “RF Ionization” option of the PlasmaTubes without electrical output for deeply penetrating frequencies.
  7. Have you had any succes in dealing with Lyme’s Disease?

    We have had the best results with the PSB compared to other frequency technologies which do not have the deep tissue/fluid cleansing benefits. There have been several reports of success — for example — a dowser who had confirmed Lyme and used the PSB on his head where he said the pathogens were concentrated – after 15 min or so he paused and told the client that he could feel it leaving – the chronic fatigue and other symptoms were significantly alleviated and later reported that there was no trace of spirochete left. With nearly every case w/ Lyme, the chronic fatigue symptoms are usually alleviated in just a few days of treatment or immediately since plasma-electricity dis-associates all blockage and barrier issues even on the level of the cell by restoring ideal cellular battery and voltage. The elimination of the spirochete (as tricky as this pathogen is) is often reported after a few weeks or months depending upon the individuals lifestyle, diet, environment, etc. PSB purchase includes full holistic support programs and of course follow-up technical support.
  8. I have seen in the testimonials that someone has treated genital herpes. Which PSB machine do you recommend as a treatment for herpes?

    Prior to the PSB XII in 2005 herpes was one of the first successes reported anecdotally by earlier PSB models (see testimonials) — which ONLY used highly harmonic, mid-audio range frequencies (since our bodies know how to handle these frequencies) with a few up to 2008 hz. Once again, the unique value of the PSB is its deep tissue/lymphatic cleansing which enables the body to better recognize and integrated the frequencies and their harmonics. The PSB XII is more than adequate for this issue.
  9. Even though the plasma tubes might not fire so well with frequencies lower than 4-10Hz, surely all frequencies comes through the RF unit regardless. Would this be the case? Also, the rest of the frequencies in a set will come through the plasma tubes (even if the lower frequencies aren’t) – is this correct?

    Yes, ALL the frequencies go through and are delivered through the RFSP. The programs in the PSBC range from 0.4 to 40M Hz. The reason very low frequencies lower than 4-10 Hz don’t work well for the tesla coils is because they are not designed for very low frequencies. Yes, they do come through, but not well. If a higher frequency is added (like in the program 2 setting), then the coils fire well, and the lowers come through better. It’s just the way they work – they rely on rapid charging and magnetic field collapse. Low frequencies don’t do that well, so the coil strength suffers as in all photon sound beam units.
  10. I have purchased a unit and the red LEDs do not appear to be lighting up on the RF unit.

    The only time the LED’s illuminate is when IR is set to “ON”. Check that the switch is set appropriately. When ON, (2) are visible as near infrared, whereas the other (2) appear to be off, but are far infrared (outsides of human vision.)
  11. Please provide details on the power supply that accompanies the Photon Sound Beam Complete unit.

    Following is a picture showing the back of the transformer used to power the Photon Sound Beam. Note that a 3A or 5A power supply is suitable. If sourcing a new unit, particular attention needs to be payed to the plug that connects to the Photon Sound Beam unit itself. The plug is 5.5mm/2.1mm barrel. The outside is (-) Negative, inside is (+) Positive. They usually have a diagram that looks kind of like this: (-)—(—(+).

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