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Unveiling the Photon Sound Beam

Since the 1980s, Photon Sound Beam technology has been at the forefront of vibrational energy medicine. Before pharmacology became the primary form of modern medicine, many scientists contributed to the development of these devices, such as:

  • Nikola Tesla
  • Royal Raymond Rife
  • Georges Lakhovsky
  • Albert Abrams
  • Ed Skilling
  • Robert Beck
  • Hulda Clark

Notable scientists such as Nikola Tesla, Royal Raymond Rife, Georges Lakhovsky, Albert Abrams, Ed Skilling, and Robert Beck have made remarkable contributions to the scientific world.

A Summary of the Development and Discouragement of Electrotherapy by the FDA

Tesla's Violet Ray Device

A representation of Tesla’s Violet Ray Device can be seen in the image. This instrument was created by the renowned inventor, Nikola Tesla, and utilized high-voltage electricity to generate a stream of ionized air, also known as ozone. The ozone was then applied to the body as a means of treating various ailments.

At the 1893 Columbian Exhibition in Chicago, Nikola Tesla presented his alternating current generator – a device still employed today to transfer electricity at a distance. Also at the show, Tesla unveiled his Violet Ray Machine, which made use of a Tesla coil to generate a form of energy which could then be transmitted through the body. Although the complexity of the chemical makeup of the human body is well known, the effects of electromagnetism on the body are less recognized. Despite its popularity, the use of the Violet Ray Machine diminished in the 1950s, mainly due to the high demand for radio transmitters during WWII, as well as several lawsuits brought against it by the FDA. Such legal action was partly due to unsubstantiated claims made about the machine, as well as competition to the industry which the FDA was invested in.

Lakhovsky Multiple Wave Oscillator

At the beginning of the 20th century, the work of Georges Lakhovsky was seen as a rival to the FDA. According to Lakhovsky, all living cells would be able to both emit and absorb electromagnetic radiation at their own high frequencies. In 1925 he wrote an article for Radio News Magazine titled “Curing Cancer With Ultra Radio Frequencies.” Royal Raymond Rife was able to verify, through his microscopy, the effect that RF-carried frequencies had on cancer cells. With help from D’Arsonval, Lakhovsky patented the Multiple Wave Oscillator in 1934. This device would supposedly improve and strengthen the health of cells by exposing patients to a combination of specific frequencies. Each organ has its own distinct frequency, and the oscillator would broadcast each of these frequencies, as well as a “mother frequency” of 728 Hz, which he found to be universal to all life forms, as well as its associated harmonics. However, the FDA ultimately suppressed these technologies which posed a threat to the conventional pharmaceutical approach to medicine.

The Beginnings of the Photon Beam Machine

A recent development in the world of technology is the appearance of the photon beam device. This apparatus has been growing in prominence and is now being used in a variety of applications. It is a remarkable invention that has led to many advances in the field.

As the twentieth century progressed, further studies revealed the 728 Hz frequency. Edward Skilling, an engineer who comprehended electrotherapy and the electromagnetic principles of the human body, founded the Edward Skilling Corporation in 1983. Their first product was the photon sound beam, a simplified version of Tesla’s Violet Ray machine that included Lakhovsky’s 728 Hz frequency. Many purchasers reported positive results, but the FDA eventually halted the company’s operations due to the company’s claims. Skilling’s children later took ownership of the company.

The Photon Sound Beam

The Photon Sound Beam Complete is an updated version of the original Photon Sound Beam created by Ed Skilling in 1994. It is constructed by one firm that does not make any promises with regard to the device. It fuses Lymph Technology with Rife, Lakhovsky, and Hulda Clark Technology, and relies on the concepts of bio-availability, Sacred Geometry, harmonic Wave-Forms, and contemporary circuitry design. This machine is an advanced form of the Tesla, Rife, Abrams, Lakhovsky and more recently, Ed Skilling, Robert Beck and other designs.

The purpose of the Photon Sound Beam is;

  • Stimulating and fortifying the immune system


    Alleviating and eliminating pain


    Expunging pathogens and parasites


    Oxygenation and thorough tissue cleansing


    Removing any obstructions and barrier issues by re-polarizing cells and molecules; detaching bound cells, dissolving lumps, clots, mineral deposits, etc. via Electrical Disassociation


    Opening up physical and energetic channels by stimulating body fluids (blood, lymph, cerebral/spinal fluid)


    Restoring normal cellular frequency and cellular energy states (polarity)


    Nullifying negative thought forms/stagnant energy


    Increasing energy levels and a distinct sense of wellness


    Recharging life-force energy and encouraging higher states of consciousness


    Improving existing body work/therapy sessions


    Complete Veterinary Application: rapid, reliable life-saving outcomes – a must for animal lovers


    Cosmetic Applicators for facial toning and hastening the toning and removal of cellulite when combined with body wraps


    A broad range of holistic and allopathic applications especially when used as part of a natural health program, proactively and inventively for any issue or any dis-ease stage (non-symptom specific)

The Photon Sound Beam utilizes both a Noble Gas Plasma-Electrical Energy Field and a Broadband Radio Frequency Signal to transmit photobiotic energy. This allows for a full spectrum of Light-and-Sound Frequencies to be effectively delivered.

  1. Bring each cell in the body back to its desired frequency and energy level
  2. Inactivate the germs and parasites
  3. Eliminate blockages and barriers through electrical reorientation and split-up
  4. Cleanse and bring oxygen to the entire organism while invigorating the digestive, circulatory, and lymphatic systems

The Radio Frequency Signal Transmitter

On the left side of the picture, you can observe a black box. This is connected to the Photon Sound Beam Complete and is put behind the shoulder blades of the patient who is seated upright during a session. When using the Infra Red (IR) setting, it is suggested that the transmitter be in contact with the skin. The transmitter releases the preferred frequency which is chosen with the knob on the right (all settings are pointed out in the manual that comes with the unit). Settings 1 and 2 are popular since they run through all frequencies, concentrating on one at a time. The field diameter of the transmitter has a size of around 100ft, which can be detected with an FM radio and tuning in to 108MHz on the dial. This will demonstrate the scope of the field effect by hearing it pulsing.

The RF Sound Probe is equipped with three quartz crystal oscillators that transmit RF signals with a power of approximately 500 milliwatts. These signals are in harmonic ratio and penetrate the body with their carriers and the frequencies they contain. These frequencies are similar to those emitted by the RF-enhanced Electric Plasma Tubes, although the RF Sound Probe can be used by itself in close proximity (1-3 ft). The RF Sound Probe has three frequency generators that are meant to penetrate the body and generate harmonics, including the resonance of Oxygen. The signals are sent to a handmade, scalar-wound, Tesla coil antenna to increase their output and range.

Photon Sound Beam Plasma Tube

Glass Plasma Tubes

The glass electrodes are an improvement on the Tesla violet ray tubes mentioned earlier. There are two, one for transmission and one for grounding. One is straight and filled with a combination of Helium, Argon, and Neon, the other curved and containing only Helium and Argon. These electrodes are held in each hand and provide a circuit through the body. In the Photon Sound Beam system, two Tesla coils provide a bipolar current that is sent via one of the glass electrodes and picked up by the other. These coils are low voltage and high power radio frequency generators. The frequencies are then fed into the glass tubes, which contain a blend of Helium, Argon, and Neon that produces the necessary glowing gas plasma.

When the machine is powered up, a sound can be heard from the RF sound probe as it turns on and off in a pulsating manner. This generates a wave motion in the body which influences the lymphatic system; a topic we will cover later. The glass electrodes appear to be glowing a bluish-purple hue, due to the excitation effect of the inert gas molecules caused by the electric current. This light is a form of plasma which can be seen in a dark environment (see the image on the right). With every pulse, billions of electrons are released from the glass electrodes and flow through the body, which has a beneficial effect on the individual cells.

The Influence of Alterations to the Plasma Electrons of Electrodes on Cells is Significant

Cell Membrane Charge

A depiction of the charge of a cell membrane can be seen in the accompanying image. The electric potential of the cell wall is represented, which helps to illustrate its importance.

Let’s examine the cellular structure and its metabolic processes. The cell is made of an external Plasma Membrane and the inner gelatinous portion which is made of components like mitochondria, which are in charge of metabolizing energy.

An image of a cell can be seen here:

As illustrated in the diagram, the Plasma Membrane has a negative charge on one side and a positive charge on the other, like a battery. Every single one of the 70 trillion cells in the body generates a current of around 70mV. However, as we age or become ill, the charge of the membrane decreases to around 20mV, and thus the cells start to lose their electrons and breakdown. Ultimately, this can lead to degenerative diseases.

A healthy cell is reestablished through the Photon Sound Beam, which supplies electrons to the cell membrane and subsequently increases the electrical potential.

The primary nature of our anatomy is electrical, and the secondary aspect is physical.

It is a known fact that the only type of Plasma Tubes that can effectively remove blockages and barriers are Electrical Plasma Tubes – not Radio wave Plasma Tubes. This “Plasma-Electricity” penetrates the body by following its bio-electrical pathways. Importantly, this kind of electricity is a type of electrostatic energy and cannot be transmitted through electrical wiring. Electric Plasma Tubes are an ideal method to convey frequencies, and they are capable of cleansing the lymph, fluids, and tissues. Additionally, these tubes offer:

  1. the elemental color frequencies of the various ionized Noble Gases
  2. highly scalar Zero-point Subtle Energies. The Photon Sound Beam incorporates several Noble Gases in a specific proportion, for a pure transmission of the elemental colors of each of the gases, and their exotic healing value. Noble Gases ionized in vacuum with biological levels of electricity is an ideal media to emit frequencies, subtle energy and photobiotic nourishment. It is the same media found in intergalactic space and it is the basis of the quantum value of our Photon Sound Beam PlasmaElectrical-RF Product Line.

ELECTRICALLY-IONIZED Noble Gas glass tubes emit Plasma Electricity which is capable of oxygenating and deeply cleansing the body’s tissues and fluids. This process also creates an environment for the body to be more receptive to any frequency applied – thus optimizing the efficacy of the frequency.

The Electrical Plasma Tubes produce a plasma-electricity current at biological levels, which helps separate cells, proteins, and toxins, while stimulating the body’s natural elimination pathways. This therapeutic effect cannot be achieved with current Rife Technologies, such as Metal Rod and Broadcast Technology, as the former cannot effectively deliver frequencies due to skin impedance, and the latter is susceptible to accommodation and environmental EMF pollution, thus unable to provide lymphatic drainage or enhanced cellular integration of frequencies like the Photon Sound Beam.

The consequence of introducing plasma into the organism is the creation of ozone

When electrons are injected into the human body, some of the oxygen in the red blood cells is changed to ozone. Ozone is known to be nature’s most powerful cleanser and healer. Ozone is created when ocean waves wash up on a warm beach and is thought to be healthy and restorative.


Light particles known as photons are the smallest components of visible light. These particles have no mass and travel in a wave-like pattern at the speed of light. Photons are responsible for the colours we see in the visible spectrum.

All cells within the body are equipped with receptors that are capable of detecting the blue light coming from the glass electrons. Photons are the main source of energy for the body, while chemicals only serve as secondary stimulants to this process. Consequently, nutrition from substances alone is not enough to meet the body’s need for energy from the Unified Field. The Photon Sound Beam offers a full-spectrum of bio-available photon energy to satisfy the body’s requirement for direct, holistic nourishment.

The dissolution of blood clumps is an important process which must be undertaken

Clumping Blood Cells

A picture of clumped up blood cells is seen in the photo. The cells appear to be clustered together, demonstrating a unique visual.

Before employing the Photon Sound Beam, a picture of our blood cells may show some clumping, which is a typical sight but not ideal. The cells should ideally be round and distinct from one another for optimal performance. This clumping is caused by the loss of negative charge from the cell walls, which leads to them being too close since there is no charge to push them away.

Utilizing the Photon Sound Beam, one can detect a difference in the blood cells almost immediately. The cells in the blood become more distinct, taking the shape of plump spheres, and allowing the blood to circulate more freely.

Results of measurements taken before and after the Photon Sound Beam device was used demonstrate that oxygen levels had increased two to three times in comparison to the baseline.

Parasitic Organisms

Parasites are organisms that live in or on another organism (the host) and obtain nutrients from it. These organisms are generally considered harmful to their host, as they can cause illness and disease. Parasites can be found in a variety of animals, including humans, and can be spread in a number of ways, such as through contact with contaminated water or food. Parasitic organisms have evolved to become highly adapted to their host, and this can make them difficult to identify and remove.

The DC electrical charge affects all parasites, whereas it only strengthens healthy cells in the body. This charge from the device is capable of destroying all types of parasites, including:

  • Invertebrates like worms
  • Microorganisms such as bacteria
  • Single-celled creatures known as amoeba
  • Spore-producing organisms such as fungi
  • The yeast-like fungus Candida


Certain substances known as toxins can be extremely harmful to humans. These can be either man-made or naturally occurring, and they can have a huge impact on our health. Ingesting, inhaling, or absorbing these toxins can lead to serious health problems. It is important to take necessary precautions to protect ourselves from these dangerous substances.

It is a common knowledge that the toxins present in the body have a positive charge. Consequently, they bind to the weakly negatively charged cell membranes. By providing a more powerful negative charge to the cell membrane, the toxins will be detached from the membrane. Then, after the Photon Sound Beam adds an electron, the toxin forms a neutral molecule that is put into a solution to be excreted.

The body has two separate systems: the cardiovascular system which circulates blood, and the lymphatic system that removes waste. The cardiovascular system has a pump (the heart) while the lymphatic system does not, instead relying on physical activity. It is necessary to keep the lymphatic system moving in order to detoxify the body, boost the immune system, and maintain balance. This process is usually achieved by the combined movement of our body’s electromagnetic field in conjunction with the Earth’s, however if the lymphatic system is blocked or sluggish, it can impair circulation and prevent the body from eliminating toxins, thus weakening the immune system. To stay healthy, it is essential for the body to be able to circulate energy and fluids, and for each cell to be charged with its own frequency resonance. However, when a person is very ill, they often cannot exercise. The Photon Sound Beam is a great alternative, as it pulsates energy through the body and helps the lymphatic system drain and remove toxins without the need for motion.

The full range of features of the Photon Sound Beam is available;

  • Noble Gas Glass Devices for Plasma-Electrical Decomposition (disintegration) of adhered proteins, attached cells and congealed lymph – deep tissue/fluid purification and oxygenation – improved


    Making Frequencies available for Optimal Cellular Vibration and Deactivating Pathogens


    Automated Stringing of many Frequencies – Rife, Universal Rife, Brainwave, etc.


    Radio-Frequency Broadcasting Amplification with Electric Plasma Tubes for More Profound Penetration and Parasite Purification


    Triple Oscillatory RF Audio Probing for intimate/efficient, highly harmonic Rife/Lakhovsky Frequency Broadcasting


    Fresh alternating “Bi-Phasic” Noble Gas Applicators – delicate, quiet and more penetrating


    Individual Pulsing and Halt Controls to correspond with Heart and Breath Rates for Speeded-up Restoration

The integration of Hypertronic Pro is an optional feature

The Photon Sound Beam Complete is able to be deployed both by itself, or to be used in tandem with the Hypertronic Pro for improved results. The same development team is responsible for the production of both the Photon Sound Beam Complete and the Hypertronic Pro. There is a specific port in the Hypertronic Pro which allows the RF Sound Probe port on the Photon Sound Beam Complete to link up with the Hypertronic Pro. To ensure that the Infra-Red function is not compromised, a stereo cable with 3.5mm jacks must be employed when connecting the two units.

These are the available choices;

  1. Utilize the Hypertronic Pro to transmit Photon Sound Beam frequencies (e.g., the standard sweep on the level 1 or 2 setting for 30 minutes) to any patient (with their authorization) across the globe.


    When utilizing the Photon Sound Beam for a treatment session, permit the Hypertronic Pro to send reflective energies back to the Photon Sound Beam to be included in the handheld plasma tubes.

Features of the Photon Sound Beam Complete Include the Following

  • Easy to use and navigate, with straightforward control options


    Three-in-One: Noble Gas Plasma Tubes, RF Sound Probe, RF Enhancer

    Compact Size: Console is 4″ x 15″ x 10″, RF Sound Probe is 3/4″ x 3″ x 4″, Glass Applicators measure 11″ in length


    Argon, Helium, and Neon used in specified ratios and combined with silver and gold wire for higher voltage transfer in the High Frequency connectors of the glass plasma tubes, negating the need for special electrodes


    Automated Sequencing of 46-48 Frequencies: Rife, Brainwave, Mid Audio, Etc (1-10,000 Hz), each pulsed 5 times


    10 Preset Frequency Selections: Classical Rife Frequencies (1500-5000 Hz), Universal Rife Frequencies (600-900 Hz), Mid Audio, and Brain Wave (1-20 Hz)


    Alternating Bi-Polar Glass Applicators with two Tesla Coils for deeper penetration, softer, quieter sensation, and absence of electrostatic shocking


    Glass Applicators with almost double the RF range of competitors for broadcasting at a distance and deeper penetration of Parasite Frequencies


    Triple Oscillatory RF Sound Probe with three frequency generators for body penetration and harmonics, including Oxygen resonance, sent to a custom-made, scalar-wound, Tesla coil antenna for amplified output and range


    Scalar Broadcast with RF Sound Probe Antenna featuring Sacred Geometry


    Individual controls for Pulse and Pause duration to match heart and breath rates with Glass Applicators and/or RF Sound Probe


    Lakhovsky Multi-Wave Oscillator effects with Glass Applicators adding 1000’s of secondary Radio Frequencies


    Delivers bioavailable plasma-electricity at normal levels of biological current (approx. 20 micro-amps), resulting in deep tissue oxygenation and electrical disassociation of bound protein, congested cells, lymph, and other fluids


    External 240/110 v auto-convert transformer and 12 volt internal circuitry


    OUTPUT: 5-25 watts plasma-level voltage. RF Sound Probe approx. 1/2 watt, multiple quartz oscillators in penetrating and harmonic ratios

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