Photon Sound Beam Testimonials

5 Stars Feedback Hello! I'm sending you this email to let you know the great results I've been having with the Photon Sound Beam XII in in the first few weeks of use in my clinic. So far the results for pain, arthritis, herpes have been awesome. I have to thank you and congratulate you and your team for the great equipment an the contribution to medicine and health! Laura M., MD, Mexico City

5 Stars Feedback I am very happy with the results of my one treatment with the Photon Sound Beam! I had genital herpes for years and from August '93 through March '94, I had an outbreak each month, lasting from to two weeks. In March, I had my treatment. I haven't had an out break for the past four months! Thank you for the gift of better health! Diane B., Denver CO

5 Stars Feedback We have been treating 20 clients with Stage 4 conditions using the Photon Sound Beam using kinesiological testing to establish a common protocol. In just a few weeks time all of our clients are much better confirmed by a dramatic improvement in their blood values and viral count tests, and 4 have had complete remission. Michael T., Bridgeport CT

5 Stars Feedback The Photon Sound Beam XII has been vital to the recovery of one my clients suffering with brain tumors. With once a week treatments, she no longer suffers from paralysis in her arms and she remains in remission.. There are no more seizures and her eyes are normal and no longer severely discolored and distended. Joanne, Vancouver Canada

5 Stars Feedback I have been researching the benefits of the Photon Sound Beam in the medical clinic where I work. It performs much better than the Light Beam Generator and any other instruments I have compared it to -- including my Rife Instruments. Blood and Saliva tests confirm the remarkable success I have had in treating clients with Candida, Lyme Disease, Cystic Fibrosis, Hepatitis C, and serious stage 3 and 4 conditions. I am very satisfied with this instrument! Ken B, Raleigh, NC

5 Stars Feedback Thank you so much for your machine. We put the RF Sound Probe attachment of Photon Sound Beam on our dog's baseball-sized tumor on his chest. After the session the seepage from the tumor stopped and within a few days the tumor is continuing to shrink in size. Charles M., San Diego, CA

5 Stars Feedback My kidney stones passed easily and effortlessly without pain in just a few days of using the Photon Sound Beam. Thankyou! It's an invaluable machine. Sonya B., Amherst MA

5 Stars Feedback This Photon Sound Beam machine is worth all the sacrifices I went through for so long to save the money to purchase it from you. I do Photon Sound Beam treatments every morning and BT -6 treatments every night. I'm off Prozax and the Lithium kicker I was using for so long. A whole host of positive changes – accumulative and on going – is the only way to describe it! Michael M., Folsum CA

5 Stars Feedback I work in a clinic with 16 people, A few weeks ago everyone came down with a severe viral flu with symptoms of extreme nausea, diarrhea, high fever, and hallucinations. One person nearly died, and a child in our town did die room the virus. Everyone except me .... .I remained perfectly healthy even though I worked with them every day. I simply gave myself daily 30 minute treatments of the Photon Sound Beam and made some colloidal silver solution. When we had a lot of power outages, it was nice be able to use the 12 volt connection to my (deep cycle) Auto Battery .. .it the ultimate Y2K health solution! Alex S., Waldport OR

5 Stars Feedback Thanks so much for all your time. My mother is doing much better. After just two days, she is off her medications for the severe pain caused by the cancer and her energy is dramatically increased. I no longer need to help her to the toilet and she's up and about. I know that all the supplements you recommended with only add to the success of the Photon Sound Beam when they arrive. I am truly grateful to be able to help her in this way. Thank so very much! Chrisma S., Oxon, England

5 Stars Feedback Several weeks ago after visiting my father in the hospital, I was diagnosed with a viral condition of the brain. Before this I had never been sick except for a brain hemorrhage. I had been experiencing chronic fatigue, extreme dizziness and disorientation. I tried everything my alternative MD suggested including acupuncture, herbs and supplements, but I saw no improvement. After 2 weeks of daily use of the Photon Sound Beam , my energy returned back to normal and most of the symptoms had disappeared. My doctor was astounded how well I looked, and could not find any sign of the virus. I felt strong enough to return back to work. It's been a year now, and I have continued to feel better and better. The RF Sound Probe (attachment) has helped my wife's insomnia, and she got rid of her cold in record time. I let my father use the machine for his chronic gas, bloating, and constipation and stomach problems from a hiatal hernia. He was on six different medications and would not take any vitamins or supplements. I was surprised when after just two 30 minute sessions he was already feeling better, stopped complaining about his bloating and began to eat again. His doctor is even more surprised at how well he is doing. One of the most exciting aspects of the Photon Sound Beam is how quickly he benefits begin, and how quickly it works to bring the body into balance. The Photon Sound Beam has exceeded by expectations, and is a tool that will prove extremely useful as more drug resistant "supergerms" and viruses continue to show up. Max W., McLouth KS

5 Stars Feedback Just a short note to tell you about my experience with the Photon Sound Beam Technology. Within 3 to 4 minutes after I started to use the Photon Sound Beam machine I noticed a very definite shift in my body energy. I felt much better and more relaxed, but the most striking effect was the mental uplift I received. I almost immediately felt much clearer and more alert, with a lightness of both body and mind. After using the PBS machine for 1 ½ hrs. I felt better than I had in weeks. it relieved about 75% of the pain I had in my left leg and foot and I felt more alert and relaxed. I was very impressed, so much so I ordered a PBS machine of my own. Thanks so much for letting Merilyn and me know about this. Robert M., Tucson AZ

5 Stars Feedback I am a 42 year old white Australian male, now into my 18th year of being HIV. About 18 months ago my health was beginning to fail my C04 count was down to 18 (normal being 400-600) and my viral level was close to 60,000, a recipe for certain death. A close friend introduced me to a new system (or old as I now know) called a Photon Sound Beam, at this stage I was desperate and frightened at my failing health and was willing to give anything a go, so I started using this machine 4-5 times a week. The first effect was to stop the migraine headaches that have plagued me since the age of 11, that in itself a very positive start stopping a need for constant intervention with narcotic analgesia. Over the next 6 months my viral load counts for HIV started to drop and had halved in this time. My Doctor was stunned to say the least and had never seen results like this without drug intervention. My viral load is now 0 and I am now happy and healthy and now consider myself back to "normal. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Robert S., Melbourne, Australia

5 Stars Feedback In January, I brought my dog to the vet where he was diagnosed with inoperable cancer. I heard about this machine that balances the energy in the body and decided to give it a try. In just 8 treatments the tumor has shrunk by 50%. His appetite has increased and his energy level increased also. I am continuing treatment and the tumor is slowly shrinking even more. He was given to the end of June to live and has already exceeded that by 2 months. The progress is remarkable considering the diagnosis. Tim Woodall, Boulder CO

5 Stars Feedback Thank you so much for convincing me to try the Photo Sound Beam! After 3 weeks of struggling with an ear infection. I just about gave in to antibiotics. Instead, I tried the machine only twice for two short, painless periods and my symptoms completely left and it has been 3 months now. I am so happy that I was able to heal naturally with no unhealthy medicines. I know where to go next time I feel something coming on! Michelle J., Denver CO

5 Stars Feedback I was diagnosed with AIDS several months ago. I struggled into the clinic to try the Photon Sound Beam machine that the AIDS Grant has provided for us. After just one (session) my energy returned, I felt happy and the eyesight in my right eye has returned - it was diagnosed as a crystallized retina. Also, I no longer had to get my injections for pain. I get to use the machine twice a week, and after a few weeks my doctor has noticed a huge drop in my viral count. I feel better all the time. Kennie S., Melbourne, Australia

5 Stars Feedback The Photon Sound Beam is a cat rescuer and a wonderful veterinary tool! Cats are delicate, and when they get sick they can "go" really fast. Our "country warrior" (Arjuna) must have eaten a "bad" lizard or something, or distemper. He wouldn't move, was extremely lethargic and would not eat at all for 2 days. We had to eye dropper feed him. finally we remembered the Photon Sound Beam and put the Sound Probe part on him, directly and at a distance overnight. In the morning Arjuna was better but still looked close to dying. Still not moving, no energy, and very weak responses. So we decided to put all the electrodes on him and hold him down. Within 10 minutes he jolted down off is perch ad began eating dry cat food. He looked 100% better and jumped in my lap for some love. A few hours later we gave him another treatment and again jumped down and began crunching down on dry food after more than 2 days of eye dropper feeding him. It was like bringing him back from the dead! With each treatment he was progressively sharper and more balanced. In 2 days he was better than ever with his full personality back hunting out in the woods again! I know that if he had not been treated by the Photon Sound Beam he would have died. I'm thankful to know without my hesitation what to do when my animals get sick. Since then we've had 3 other life and death illnesses where the Photon Sound Beam has kept our cats from this side of death's doorway. One of them was diagnosed as probably having feline leukemia (due to his history of events) and after a few treatments he too was back in action and is much healthier than ever before. My sister's ferrets had pancreatic tumors (very common) and they're doing fine now because of the machine! This device is a must for animal lovers who want to be assured they have something dependable to keep their pets healthy. Kay V., Cornville, AZ

5 Stars Feedback After using the Photon Sound Beam Technology for about half an hour, I felt really relaxed and yet energized. On the drive home I felt great, and noticed that the non-positive thoughts that often come with a long drive just weren't there. This effect has lasted. I truly do believe that this Photon Sound Beam does dissolve non-positive thought forms! Also, I have had problems with constipation for many years, and travel always exacerbates the situation. And yet I found that when I returned home this problem did not come up. As a matter of fact, had three unusually large bowel movements within the next 12 hours! Thank you for sharing this technology! Merilyn M., Tucson AZ

5 Stars Feedback The Photon Sound Beam is absolutely amazing. I love it! I treat all my friends and they all get better from all sorts of health problems. I can't keep this one man away, he feels and is doing so much better from using the machine for his prostate problems. As soon as the Noble Gas Applicators are used, I “see” negative thought forms come out of the body like “cartoon character blurbs”. The RF Sound Probe (attachment) is the best part of the machine. I can "see" what it does for people's energy fields: it makes them so coherent, so beautiful! It's such a powerful super-coherent harmonizer for the body. John B., Syracuse, NY

5 Stars Feedback For the last ten years none of the doctors could help me with the complete lack of circulation and gangrene-like conditions in my leg. After two weeks of using the Photon Sound Beam the circulation has returned and for the first time in ten years, I can feel my pants on my legs. After a month, I no longer need to take my medications for diabetes and pain. My wife no longer has to take here usual 2 bottles of Tylenol a month for her pain. This is an amazing machine. Thank you so much! David F., Farmington NM

5 Stars Feedback In early August 1996 I had an ultrascan on my kidneys due to elevated blood pressure and a history of renal arterial stenosis (a narrowing of the renal artery) in my left kidney which was successfully operated on in 1984 - a major 5 hour operation and a 4 week stay in hospital. Needless to say I was upset to be told that a 50%-75% stenosis was now detected in the right renal artery and would need surgery. I was referred to the Austin Hospital. While I was waiting for the appointment, a friend suggested I try the Photon Sound Beam which a friend of hers had bought from America and had been using to treat a range of conditions and illnesses. This I did, and for the first 2 weeks I used "the machine" every day. During this time I also began a cleansing diet and regime as well as giving up smoking and drinking alcohol. By late August 1996, my appointment at the hospital was due and I had another ultrascan in the hospital this time. NO sign of stenosis was found despite checking and rechecking by radiologists and doctors. Copies of the previous test was also checked out and seemed to be accurate. Doctors and radiologists were amazed and could offer no explanation and told me that they would not expect lifestyle changes to remedy such a significant stenosis. Meanwhile, my blood pressure continued to drop until I no longer need hypertension medication. I continued to use "the machine" on a regular basis and have enjoy good health since. Bronwyn M., Austin TX

5 Stars Feedback April of '94 I weighed 102 Ibs. Fearful I was dying of metastasized cancer I checked myself into University of Colorado Hospital for some tests. The tests all came back the way they were 1 year ago. The doctors were ready to start bone marrow transplant procedures. At this point I was willing to try anything when you mentioned the Photon Sound Beam (Photon Sound Beam) I started using it twice a week and since then I have had more energy, gained over 20 Ibs, and my anxiety and pain have decreased. I feel ready to return to my career: Teaching! Thank you so much!! Judy P., Denver CO

5 Stars Feedback I am writing this letter to share my experiences with the Photon Sound Beam machine. In December 1992, I was injured in a multi-car accident. The greatest impact came from a "T-Bone" hit to the driver's side door. This banged my left shoulder and left side of my head, causing a mild concussion and injuring much of the soft tissue in my shoulder and the left side of my neck. I also received a hit from the rear, causing whiplash injuries to my neck. I used your machine just to see if it would help with my pain. My experiences with it were very good. During the time I used the machine, I would feel rather drowsy, and nearly went to sleep a few times. It never caused me any pain. It caused a peculiar pulsing, tingling feeling at the time of use. Afterward, I would be tired and very thirsty, but the pain was gone. The first time I used it, the pain relief lasted several weeks. The second time I used it, the time of relief was much longer. It has been months since the third time and although I am still having occasional problems, they are not as severe. I think that after one or two more treatments I will be pain-free. I am very impressed with the effects of the machine. It seems to help with the healing process. Thank You for sharing it with me! Peggy S., Longmont CO